Meetings & Events Finish Options

Discover the diverse selection of finish options for our Meetings and Events products, expertly designed to enhance any venue. From sophisticated solid color laminates to natural wood grain laminates that exude timeless elegance, our finishes cater to various aesthetics. Experience the tactile appeal of our textured wood grain laminates, mimicking the authenticity of natural wood, or stand out with our unique pattern laminates for a distinctive touch. Each finish is crafted for durability and style, ensuring our furniture not only complements your décor but withstands the demands of any event. Explore our finish options and transform your space today.

Please request physical samples for a more accurate representation of color and pattern size.

Standard Laminates

Our Meetings and Events products come in a variety of laminate options. This includes solid colors for a modern look, natural wood grains for a classic appeal, textured wood grains for a realistic wood feel, and unique patterns for a distinctive look. These durable, functional options can blend with any décor or theme.

Solid Colors

Natural Wood Grain

Textured Wood Grain


MAXX-IC™ Options

The Maxx Edge offers a variety of finish options, including standard laminates and wood finishes with stains. It is also available in a range of leg colors and types, ensuring it can match any décor scheme. The table features a durable MAXX Edge, literally bonded to the table core, leaving no gaps.

MAXX-IC™ Top Stain Colors

MAXX Edge® Colors

MAXX Edge® style

Leg Colors

Leg Styles

Feet Styles

ABS Plastic Tables

You’ll find a range of color choices to suit your decor, including our standout Polylite and Polybrite options in vivid red and blue. We also feature our Lightweight Plastic Tables, known for their durability, lightness, and ease of setup. This part of our product line showcases how we marry style with functionality.

Plastic Color Options

Polylite®/Polybrite® Plastic Color Options

Resilient® Lightweight Plastic Options

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