InRoom Series Housekeeping Carts

Cluttered corridors? Dirty linens on display to the public? These are things of the past with the new Forbes InRoom Housekeeping Carts. Our unique InRoom carts are designed to allow housekeepers to easily navigate their supplies out of hallways and into guest rooms, effectively decreasing corridor clutter, pilferage, and worker’s compensation claims while increasing safety, efficiency, and ROI.

Why choose the InRoom Series?

Safety, Security, and Efficiency

By bringing the cart closer to the work area, we have helped reduce worker fatigue and worker’s compensation claims. It just makes sense to keep the tools for the job near at hand so that one is not wasting time and energy trekking back and forth. With the cart in the room and the door locked, the guest’s valuables are secure, and the housekeeper is safe. This will also reduce, if not eliminate, pilferage of items from the cart by passing guests and employees.

Time is Money: Immediate ROI

Protecting your employees from straining and injuring themselves while pushing around a cart that weighs twice what they do is an ROI that pays dividends far into the future. The Forbes InRoom carts are shorter in length than traditional carts and are available in molded ABS plastic, greatly reducing their overall size and weight. Protecting your walls, door jambs and furniture from damage is an ROI you can realize immediately. The four revolving corner bumpers and full perimeter fixed vinyl bumper provide dual protection for your walls, entryways, furniture, and fixtures.

Clear Hallways: Satisfied Guests

Forbes’ InRoom Housekeeping Carts virtually eliminate guest exposure to used linens, cleaning supplies, and unsanitary conditions. Guests will greatly appreciate the clean corridors, free of housekeeping carts and operations. This will result in an enhanced guest experience which can lead to more guest referrals through Internet reviews and social media channels, and more repeat guests in the future.


Experience the InRoom Series Housekeeping Carts

Here’s a quick demo of the benefits of the InRoom Series Housekeeping Carts by Forbes Industries. These state-of-the-art carts are designed with the user in mind, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience. With their innovative design and high-quality materials, they truly set a new standard in housekeeping solutions.

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