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Mixology is the art of creating individualized cocktail experiences that leave lasting memories. It’s the ability through knowledge, technical skills, and engagement to make a personal connection with each guest.

Winner of the 16th Annual Hospitality Design Awards.
Special Judges’ Award: F&B Mixology

The Lineup

With 5 different base models all stemming from classic Forbes Industries designs you will surely find a mixology cart to fit your decor.

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Why Mobile Mixology?

The Power of Social Media

Today’s social media is a powerful communication tool that craves unique and compelling content. Content like drinkable art. Now with Mixology Carts by Forbes Industries, hoteliers can create Instagrammable moments their guests are sure to share on their behalf.

Mobile Mixology provides restaurant and hotel venues with the opportunity to provide today’s guests with the tangible experiences they crave.

The word will get out, and others will want to see for themselves. Their friends will seek out the 360-degree experience they’ve seen second hand on social media, creating viral opportunities for hoteliers worldwide to increase greater guest satisfaction and keep them coming back for the compelling and unique experience of drinkable art.

It really is a win-win for both guests and hoteliers alike.


Master the craft of mixology like a pro with instructional videos by Master Mixologist Chris Adams

The tools you need to get started with Mobile Mixology

cover page for instagrammable moments doc

Why Mobile Mixology?

Learn more about Mixology and the power of social media with our informative whitepapers.

Create Instagrammable Moments with Mobile Mixology (2-minute read)

Leveraging Mobile Mixology.

Use our step-by-step Mixology Playbook to get started with a Classic Cocktails Program. The program includes detailed beverage and ingredient information with how-to videos on each drink. It’s everything you need to leverage Mobile Mixology for greater guest experience and increased ROI.

View The Mixology Playbook: The Classic Cocktail Program

Explore the Tools.

Mixology Carts by Forbes with Chris Adams is an innovative line of mixology carts tailored to the mixologist’s craft. Equipped and ready to move, this cart provides everything the Mixologist needs to create that unique experience your guests are looking for.

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Download the Mixology Guide (full details and specifications)

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Meet Chris Adams

Chris Adams pouring a drink on a Foss Mixology cart

Early in his career

Chris Adams was given the opportunity to be trained by a Master Bartender to not only be technically sound on the art and chemistry of Mixology, but to understand the intangibles, like the shared connection with every guest. Having an in-depth knowledge of all the elements being used was only part of the equation. The stories and history behind those elements and pairings, gave him the foundation needed to maximize the skills as a Mixologist.

One missing piece

was a unique method to deliver these experiences to guests. In collaboration with Chris, the Forbes Design Team sat down and started to develop several design concepts. The following are the result; a complete line of Mixology Carts that are specifically focused to locally and aesthetically enhance the show of the Mixologist, their tools and ingredients in a simplistic yet presentable setting.

“Mixology for me, now is no longer simply about cocktails, it’s creating a 360-degree experience.”

– Chris Adams

Mixology Cart Features

Butcher block work surface or black/white polyethylene work surface (depending on model)
Perimeter gallery rails on middle and base shelves
Four swivel casters (two with brakes)
Two standard speed rails
Two sliding speed rails
Flip-out amenity drawer to store napkins, stirrers, etc.
Two customizable ice bins
Stainless steel drip tray
Adjustable glass dividers on center shelf
Built-in Mixology tool storage
Built-in condiment station with condiment tray or mason jars (depending on model)
Built-in glass rinser
Drink presentation platform
One-third enclosed cabinet for additional storage

Mixology Cart Benefits

Executive and Elite Features

Built-in glass rinser

Executive and elite models are available with a built-in glass rinser which is essential for protecting the flavor and integrity of your beverage by keeping glasses clean, in turn ensuring a perfect drinking experience. With ease of use in mind, just press your glass down on the spring activated platform to dispense water as needed.

Mix, match, make it your own

The customizable ice bins were specially designed to deliver a truly unique operator experience. With several insert sizes, height options, and movable dividers available, the operator is able to set up custom storage configurations as needed. Additionally, we took the liberty to size the ice bins to be able to accept standard food pan sizes if desired for dry storage.

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