Public Guidance Systems

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Forbes Industries is the leading provider of public guidance systems for hotels. Our wide selection of products is designed to help you manage the flow of guests in your hotel and create a safe and welcoming environment.
Our stanchions and crowd control products are ideal for directing guests to the front desk, check-in area, elevators, and other amenities. We also offer a variety of queue management systems to help you reduce wait times and improve the customer experience.
Our signage solutions can be used to provide guests with information about your hotel’s amenities, services, and policies. We also offer custom signage that can be used to promote special events or promotions.
Here are just a few of the benefits of using Forbes Industries public guidance systems for hotels:

Improved safety and security for your guests
Reduced wait times and improved customer experience
More organized and efficient traffic flow
A more professional and polished image for your business

We understand that every hotel is different, so we offer a variety of customization options to ensure that our public guidance systems meet your specific needs. We can help you choose the right products for your hotel’s layout, décor, and budget.
Contact Forbes Industries today to learn more about our public guidance systems for hotels and how we can help you create a safe and welcoming environment for your guests.

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