Hotel Operations Products Finish Options

Forbes Industries Hospitality products are made with only the highest quality finishes and materials. Our providers have perfected their craft as much as we have perfected ours. Each finish and material hand-picked by our designers to provide the deepest selection of customization for your needs.

Please request physical samples for a more accurate representation of color and pattern size.

Luggage Carts

Most of our luggage carts are available with your choice of carpet and bumper colors. Our selection of skirted luggage carts can be upgraded with new luxury vinyl decking or porcelain material to give your carts an upscale look.

Standard Deck Carpet Colors

Upgraded Luxury Vinyl Decking Material

Upgraded Porcelain Options

Birdcage Luggage Cart Tube Finish Options

Birdcage & Specialty Luggage Cart Paint Options

Bumper Options

Housekeeping Cart Options

Our housekeeping carts come in Steel or Plastic bodies. The selection of colors varies based on the material of the body.

Steel Housekeeping Cart Paint Colors

Plastic Housekeeping Cart Colors

Luggage Rack Options

Our wood luggage racks are available in several stain options to fit with your décor.

Luggage Rack Stain Options

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