Wave Back Bar – 5873

  • Terrazzo countertop
  • Finished in wood veneer
  • LED down lights
  • RGB LED back light system with remote
  • Option of acrylic or glass tiled hutch
  • Hutch with six tempered glass shelves
  • Enclosed cabinet with doors
  • 5” wheels in swivel casters, concealed

Overall Product Dimensions

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  • *Back Hutch


    *Wood Veneer

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Elevate Your Event Experience with the Forbes Industries 5873-6 Series Mobile Back Bar

Crafted to redefine sophistication and practicality, the Wave Back Bar – Model 5873-6 seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. Whether you’re hosting a chic soirée or a corporate gala, this mobile back bar is your ultimate companion. Let’s delve into its remarkable features:

Terrazzo Countertop: Beauty Meets Durability. The Wave Back Bar boasts a luxurious terrazzo countertop—a visual delight that also withstands the rigors of event service. Whether you’re mixing cocktails or presenting appetizers, this surface ensures both elegance and practicality.

Wood Veneer Finish: A Timeless Touch. Finished in high-quality wood veneer, this bar exudes timeless elegance. Its seamless blend of form and function ensures longevity, making it a wise investment for your establishment. Choose from a range of sophisticated wood finishes to match your décor.

LED Down Lights: Illuminating Excellence. The Wave Back Bar features discreet LED down lights, casting a warm glow on your beverage display. Whether it’s highlighting premium spirits or creating an inviting ambiance, these lights add a touch of magic to your events.

RGB LED Back Light System with Remote: Customizable Brilliance. Control the mood with the remote-controlled RGB LED back light system. From vibrant colors to subtle gradients, tailor the lighting to suit your event. Imagine transitioning from daytime elegance to evening glamour at the touch of a button.

Acrylic or Glass Tiled Hutch: Your Style, Your Choice. Customize the top hutch with either pristine white acrylic or glass tiles. The choice is yours—minimalist chic or textured sophistication. Either way, it’s a statement piece that elevates your presentation.

Six Tempered Glass Shelves: Showcase with Confidence. The hutch boasts six tempered glass shelves, providing ample space for glassware, décor, or featured bottles. Let your creativity shine as you curate a stunning display.

Enclosed Cabinet with Doors: Hidden Storage. Beneath the elegant exterior lies practical storage. The enclosed cabinet with three locking doors keeps supplies organized and secure. No clutter, just seamless elegance.

Concealed 5” Swivel Casters: Effortless Mobility. Equipped with concealed 5-inch wheels on swivel casters, the Wave Back Bar glides effortlessly across your venue. Adapt to changing layouts, from cocktail hour to dessert service.

Additional information

Weight 720 lbs
Dimensions Length: 70", Width: 27.5", Height: 78"

Bar Length

Back Hutch

Glass Tile, White Acrylic


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Wood Veneer

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