Foss Station – F30-5010

  • Standard Solid Surface countertop
  • Brushed stainless steel trim and frame
  • High Pressure Laminate finish
  • Open cabinet design
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Dimensions Length: 72", Width: 30", Height: 36"

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Wood Veneer

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Captivate Your Guests with Live Action Culinary Theater: Introducing the Foss Station

Imagine this: your restaurant buzzing with energy, guests mesmerized as your chef’s craft culinary masterpieces live on the Foss Station. This isn’t just a cooking station, it’s a stage, a showstopper, a revenue-generating powerhouse for your hotel or restaurant.

  • Unleashes culinary freedom: Its expansive Standard Solid Surface countertop, sleek brushed stainless steel frame, and open cabinet design provide the perfect platform for your chefs to shine. No cramped spaces, just boundless creativity.
  • Boosts engagement and revenue: Live action cooking captivates guests, turning meals into interactive experiences. Witness the sizzle of steaks, the delicate dance of sauces, the aroma of fresh ingredients – it’s an irresistible draw for diners, leading to increased orders and happier customers.
  • Elevates your brand: The Foss Station becomes the centerpiece of your space, a conversation starter and Instagram-worthy moment. It speaks volumes about your commitment to quality, innovation, and guest experience, differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Adapts to your needs: Choose from 5′ or 6′ lengths to fit your space, and go cordless with the optional battery-powered version for ultimate flexibility. Cater events, create pop-up stations, or simply transform your dining room into a culinary theater – the possibilities are endless.

The Foss Station isn’t just an investment, it’s a game-changer. It’s about pushing boundaries, elevating experiences, and turning your hotel or restaurant into a destination for unforgettable culinary adventures.

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