Go-Cart Motorized Housekeeping Cart Upgrade

Can be factory installed on most Housekeeping Carts with 8″ wheels.

Overall Product Dimensions

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  • Speed – The speed of the unit is variable and is controlled by the user with the touch pad throttle.
  • Cart can be pushed manually with minimal effort when the battery is depleted.


  • Max Load – rated to push up to 1000 lbs. on flat concrete. Other surfaces such as carpet or incline will reduce load capacity.
  • Battery Life – Depending on usage and load, batteries typically need to be charged every few days to once a week.
  • Battery Charge Time – Typical charge time is usually between 6-8 hrs.
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent damage to batteries.
  • Wheel size – 8″ Diameter only
  • Warranty – Cart: 3 Years/Motor: 1 Year (limited parts/labor)
  • Lead Time – 6-8 weeks


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