Vodka Collins

A true classic Created by the father of American mixology, Jerry Thomas, the Vodka Collins is a classic, simple as that. This popular cocktail is super refreshing and has everything that a balanced long cocktail should have. It’s easy, brilliant and your guests will love it. How to make the Vodka Collins Learn the art […]

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The perfect girl’s night out Made popular by the hit show Sex and the City, this classic cocktail is a favorite that is commonly ordered when out with the girls. Easy to drink, with a strong red color, the Cosmo is sure to be hit with many. How to make the Cosmopolitan Learn the art

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Rose Infused Espresso Martini

The hottest drink right now Can you feel the love tonight? This rose-infused espresso is sure to inspire love at the first sip. Take a journey with Chris Adams as he crafts this creative concoction for Valentine’s Day. How to make the Rose Infused Espresso Martini Learn the art of the Rose Infused Espresso Martini

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