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Customize an action station and request a quote

Use our builder to build the perfect action station. You get to decide how your action station will look and what type of things it can do (within reason). Unplug your capabilities and take your actions anywhere on the premises with an optional battery powered upgrade. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions!

Action Stations 2.0 Quote Request
  • Step 1: Style your station
  • Step 2: Functionalize it!
  • Step 3: Contact Information
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Step 1: Style your station

We know style and color are important factors in the decision-making process, so we'll start you off with this crucial customization step. This includes frame finish, panel style, panel finish.

Pick your panel style

Panel Style

Pick your frame finish

Frame Finish

Pick your panel finish

We offer our standard high-pressure laminate or an upgrade to a wood veneer
Choose finish type
High Pressure Laminate (Standard)
Wood Veneer (Upcharge)
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