The Winter-Spiced Old Fashioned

Your friends will love it!

The Winter-Spiced Old Fashion is a festive twist on America’s favorite cocktail perfect for holiday gatherings with friends and family. Be sure to have ample ingredients on hand as your friends and family are sure to want a second sampling of this festive drink.

How to make the Winter Spiced Old Fashioned

Learn the art of the Winter Spiced Old Fashioned from Master Mixologist Chris Adams.


  • 2 oz High West Double Rye Whiskey
  • 3 Dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 0.25 oz Earl Giles Winter Spiced Syrup


  • Glassware: Rocks
  • Ice: Cubed
  • Garnish: Clove-studded Orange Peel, Cinnamon Stick


  1. Combine all ingredients into mixing beaker
  2. Add ice and stir 20-30 times
  3. Strain into rocks glass over large ice using a julep strainer
  4. Express orange oils and Garnish with clove-studded orange peel and cinnamon stick
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