Luggage Cart Deck Refresh

You know that first impressions matter and your luggage carts are sound, but because of the worn carpet and bumpers they’re not looking as good as they once did. The Solution: The Forbes Luggage Cart Refresh Program! With our refresh program, you can refurbish your existing Forbes skirted luggage carts with a Vinyl or Porcelain deck surface and new bumper.

Program Steps

  1. Assess your Luggage Carts (only Forbes Industries’ skirted carts can be refreshed; send us a photo to confirm).
  2. Contact us or email us a photo of your cart to for verification.
  3. Review and determine the porcelain or vinyl surface you want.
  4. Follow the disassembly instructions provided and ship your deck to be refreshed to Forbes Industries.

Experience the refreshing difference



Available Finish Options


Porcelain Tile

Available on all skirted luggage cart models

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