Stainless Steel Service Cart – 5516

  • Three Terrazzo shelves
  • Square brushed stainless steel frame and support posts
  • 4-Sided stainless steel gallery rails on all shelves
  • Open with three shelves
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Four corner bumpers
  • 3” wheels in swivel casters (two with brakes)

Overall Product Dimensions

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Elevate Your Service with the Polished Presence of the 5516 Service Cart

Introducing the 5516 Service Cart: where sophistication meets practical elegance. This masterpiece combines the beauty of three spacious terrazzo shelves with the sleek strength of square brushed stainless steel support posts, creating a statement piece that elevates any dining experience.

  • Effortlessly gliding through your space, guided by the smooth maneuverability of four swivel casters, two equipped with brakes for confident control.
  • Keeping essentials within easy reach, thanks to the convenient 4-sided stainless steel gallery rails adorning each shelf. No more precarious balancing acts – your plates, glassware, and linens are securely contained.
  • Adding a touch of refined luxury to your restaurant, hotel, or event space. The rich texture of the terrazzo shelves and the gleaming stainless steel frame exude quality and sophistication, instantly enhancing the ambiance.
  • Protecting your investments with the thoughtful addition of four corner bumpers, minimizing bumps and scrapes against walls and furniture.

The 5516 Service Cart is more than just a practical solution; it’s an expression of your commitment to excellence. From catering grand events to streamlining your daily service operations, this versatile cart ensures smooth, efficient, and undeniably stylish transport.

Additional information

Dimensions Length: 46.25", Width: 24.75", Height: 33.75"



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Shelf Material

Perla Bianca Terrazzo, Black Crystal Terrazzo, White Crystal Terrazzo, Dove Tail Terrazzo


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