READY Retractable Belt Stanchions

Help Keep Your Six Foot Distance
READY Stanchions are great for designating the 6’ minimum for recommended social distancing guidelines. Typical usage in hotels, restaurants, events and night clubs. Provides a clear direction for guest and staff.

4-Way Cassette Receiver
Equipped with receiver splines to connect a maximum of 3 belts from additional single belt stanchions.

Multiple Post Finishes
Available with black post and matching ABS base or chrome post with matching base cover.Weighted Concrete Base Concrete base provides ultimate support to the barrier’s post and belt when connected to additional stanchions.

Rubber Floor Protector
Full circumference rubber stripping around the base to eliminate risk of scratches or scuffng to floors.

Durable Herringbone Webbing
Belt is constructed with thick webbing for increased longevity through years of general use.

Slow Belt Brake Technology
Built in braking system allows belt to safely retract into the case upon release from the belt end.

Overall Product Dimensions
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Post Color

Black, Chrome

  • Height: 40.5”
  • Base Diameter: 14”
  • Belt Color: Black
  • Belt Length: 7.5’
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READY Retractable Belt Stanchions
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